Artisan Contractors Insurance in New York

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Skilled artisans spend years honing their trade, focusing on the small details and ensuring perfection. Yet, while these skilled workers can control the work they deliver, sometimes events take place out of their control, making contractors’ insurance essential.

However, general contractors’ insurance or builder’s risk insurance is costly and doesn’t cover the unique needs of an artisan, which makes artisan contractors insurance a must‑have. 

Our best artisan contractors insurance company helps you choose the policy that will fit your individual needs.  Every artisan contractor operation is different and every project carries its own unique risks.

Request a free quote now and our artisan contractors insurance company help you find the best construction & contractors insurance policy for your needs.

What Is Artisan Contract Insurance?

Artisan contractors specialize in a particular trade or service in the construction or improvement of a home or business and, as a result, rarely subcontract their work. Further, artisan contractors, also called casual contractors, perform skilled work at job sites using industry-specific tools. 

Since these contractors offer unique services that each come with a set of risks and potential for accidents, they have specialized liability needs. Therefore, artisan contractors insurance is a specialized cover that meets the individual needs of these skilled workers. 

Compared to insurance for general contractors, which covers general liabilities, artisan insurance features policies designed to cover the unique needs of the specific trade.

What Does It Cover?

Artisan contractors insurance doesn’t offer a “one-size-fits-all” policy. Instead, a contractor insurance company will tailor the policy to fit the needs of the specific industry.

As a result, New York contractor insurance can include the following types of protection:

  • General Liability Insurance

This form of coverage offers protection against property damage and personal injury. Should an accident occur on the job site and cause injury to another party or individual, this policy will have you covered.

  • Business Property Coverage

Business property coverage protects your business’s physical assets, including buildings or premises and their contents, warehoused stock and inventory, goods in transit, and manufacturing equipment.

  • Commercial Auto Coverage

Artisans who operate a business that requires employees to drive company vehicles should invest in commercial auto insurance, which differs from personal car insurance. 

  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Artisan contractors who own a business, especially those with employees, may want to consider worker’s compensation insurance. This form of policy provides wage replacement and medical benefits to individuals injured on the job, covering both the employer and the employee. In many cases, general contractors require artisans to have a worker’s compensation policy before sub-contracting them for a job.

  • Custom Coverage

In some cases, artisan contractor insurance in New York will also include custom coverage for tools, transit, storage, and protection for installation.

Who Can Apply For Artisan Insurance In NY?

An artisan contractors insurance company will offer policies to skilled contractors that rarely sub-contract their work. As a result, tradespeople like plumbers, masons, electricians, landscapers, carpenters, painters, HVAC installation specialists, excavation professionals, flooring installation technicians, road construction specialists, and tree removal services qualify for artisan contractors insurance.

Artisan Contractors Insurance

Why Do I Need Artisan Insurance?

Since individuals or general contractors typically hire artisan contractors to handle aspects of a larger project, their jobs and liabilities are more involved. In addition to having to work in coordination with other contractors, these specialists work on-site and must complete their work within a specified timeframe.

Despite all parties taking precautions and practicing safety measures, unavoidable events can occur, especially on a busy construction site. As a result, contractors should always prepare for these instances by having the right policy and coverage in place

Whether an installation goes wrong and causes damage or an individual sustains an injury on-site, not having the proper protection to cover these incidents could bring severe consequences for your business.

Why Should Artisan Contractors Choose NCI?

When looking for artisan contractors insurance, skilled workers will find more than one contractors insurance company offering policies. However, none provide the comprehensive coverage offered by NCI. 

NCI puts skilled workers and their businesses first, ensuring they can focus on the job at hand, knowing they are fully covered no matter what a job site throws their way.

NCI has you covered whether you need a job-specific policy or cover for your team. 

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