New York Taxi, Livery & Black Car Insurance

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We specialize in brokering livery insurance in NYC as well as all of your other commercial auto insurance NYC needs as well. There are a number of different types of commercial vehicles that can be operated in New York, and you need to make sure you have a suitable insurance policy no matter which type of commercial vehicle you are operating. There are laws in place for insurance to ensure that companies and owner-operators have the right level of insurance policy and public liability insurance.

Next Century Brokerage is providing a variety of insurance programs to individual owner-operators, named drivers, and livery fleets in New York. We can provide for:

  • Individual Policies
  • Corporation Policies
  • Livery Fleet Policies
  • Two Driver’s Policy

We also provide 100/300/10 200 PIP coverages to all SUVs working with approved TLC bases either as a Car Service, Black car, or (Livery with $50,000 PIP). Our limousines insurance Limits of Liability are up to $1,500,000, Up to 14 Seat Capacity, Specialty Vehicles Accepted.

Uber Drivers Insurance

To provide you with the most comprehensive coverage and commercial auto insurance, we represent many of the biggest insurance companies offering policies in the New York City limits. By working with multiple insurers we can also help you to find the best possible price and a suitable policy, with a suitable payment plan. Even though there are many different types of commercial automobiles, contact us for help getting the right coverage for your business needs and ensure that you stick within NYC laws.

Taxi Insurance

There are different types of taxis in New York, which have slightly different rules and restrictions. Our team of experts can help you to make the right choice regarding which insurance you need, and give you guidance on which policy is suitable for your commercial vehicle.

Green Taxi Insurance

Green taxis have more flexibility than some of the other types of taxi in terms of where they can pick up and drop off, for instance, these are cabs you can take if you need to go to an airport whereas yellow cabs may not be able to drop off there. Green Taxis are legally obliged to meet the TLC minimum liability requirements so the liability has to be up to $100,000 per person.

Yellow Cab Insurance

The iconic yellow cabs that you will see in Manhattan. Taxi insurance in NYC for this type of cab needs to have a minimum of $100,000/$300,000 as the liability on the insurance policy. There are over 12,000 of this type of cab in New York. They are yellow to differentiate from the green cabs. These taxis can only operate within certain areas of the city, both for pickups and dropoffs.

Uber Insurance

Black Car Insurance in Brooklyn, NY

NYC black cars are seen as a form of executive travel around the city. The TLC dictates that black cars also have to have a high level of protection against liability to people or peoples’ property, with a $100,000 minimum per person, like many of the other forms of commercial auto insurance in NYC.

Operating this kind of black car service requires the right level of insurance, and to be safe you can choose to get policies that cover far more than the minimum levels, so if an accident should occur you can be confident of your insurance.

Because our team works with a number of insurers who offer all kinds of TLC auto insurance, we can help you to get a quote that offers value, but also gives you a huge level of cover, whether you are running a single for-hire vehicle or owner-operator policy or a full fleet. Remember that black cars in the state, just like limos and other forms of transport, legally have to have a certain level of insurance or you could face prosecution or have your license revoked.

When people get a black car in the city of New York they expect a certain level of service. Make sure your black car insurance meets these high standards.

Fleet Insurance

Fleet insurance is the term for a policy that covers a number of vehicles within the same policy. It makes good business sense if you have a lot of different vehicles representing your company and you need to insure them all. Insurers may be able to offer better rates per vehicle for fleet insurance as they will be very keen to work with a larger operation. By using our brokerage, you can ensure that you get the best possible price. Our brokers will help by negotiating the terms and finding the cheapest comprehensive cover that ensures you stay legally compliant, but also that you have enough cover for all eventualities.

Many fleets of vehicles start small and grow, and you might need the policy to grow with you as new vehicles and new drivers join your fleet. 

Fleet insurance may not just be for companies that offer rides for hire. Many businesses require a number of vehicles for deliveries and other purposes. Combining your vehicles into one policy makes perfect sense, and our team of knowledgeable staff will happily work with you to get the right level of cover for your fleet of vehicles. It may also be much easier to add or remove vehicles from the policy. 

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Livery Vehicle Insurance in New York

Next Century Brokerage provides a variety of insurance policies to individual owner-operators, named drivers, and livery fleets in New York. 

Livery vehicles are those that take travelers from point to point for a fee. They’re pre-arranged, so you can’t hail this sort of cab on the side of the road. They also have up to six passengers. They usually charge on a flat rate, mileage, or based on the time.

Whereas black cars require most payments to be made through a traceable method, this is not such an issue with livery vehicles, they can accept bank transfers or cash more readily.

In terms of livery insurance NYC, all of the vehicles that work in this category have to have insurance covering up to  $100,000 per person, $200,000 per incident of liability. The type of vehicle might play a part because they tend to carry up to six passengers. With the help of our brokers you can find affordable insurance.

There are plenty of choices for livery insurance, but they all have very different policies. Luckily we can offer the advice that you need to get the right level of cover.

Limo Insurance

The TLC that regulates taxis such as black cabs in New York also regulates the market for limos in NYC. This is why they’re called the Taxi & Limousine Commission.

Traveling in style using a luxury limousine is popular for events and for corporate purposes in New York. Not only does the driver have to have a specific license for operating a limo, but you will need a specific limo policy. Depending on the heaviness of the limo there could even be federal restrictions and you will need to get a certain level of cover based on your model of limo. Our specialists can help to negotiate the best policy for you and work out what level of cover you legally need to provide in order to ensure there is no risk in driving your limo, and no nasty shocks if an accident does occur.

Because this is a specialist vehicle, the insurers may have their own specific policies for limos, and our team of professionals can help you to find the top limo cover for your business. Though some limo insurance can be pricey, we can help you to find the cheapest comprehensive cover that protects you for all eventualities.

Our Policies

Some examples of the commercial auto insurance and taxi insurance NYC we can offer are listed below. Contact us today to start the search for your ideal insurance policy.

Individual Policies

These policies cover individuals such as owner-drivers, operating businesses as sole proprietors. As long as everything is in order with the TLC then you are able to operate a business with an individual policy in NYC. Individual liability can be crippling, and you legally need a certain level of insurance.

Livery Fleet Policies

A livery fleet policy can cover a whole fleet of vehicles whether you have a few cars, or a huge number of trucks going around the city all the time making deliveries. These policies usually provide significant savings when compared to other types of the policy when you work out the per-vehicle cost. It may also be easier to make changes.

Corporation Policies

Corporation policies in order to protect a full corporation including fleet policies that can cover all of their vehicles.

Two Drivers Policy

 As you might expect, these policies cover two drivers for the same vehicle, for instance, if you are both driving at different times.

Our Services Include:

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Transport Plates

This type of plate allows you to move vehicles from one location to another, whilst insured, to “facilitate the delivery, repair or improvement” of the vehicle. Our employees can help you to obtain your transport plates and the relevant insurances you need while the car is being moved from state to state.

Workers Compensation

Depending on the size of your business you might legally have to provide workers compensation insurance. Our knowledgeable brokers can help you to find the right policy to give your workers protection.

Business General Liability

If something happens in your business and you get sued, or hit by a natural disaster, are you equipped to deal with the repercussions? Business general liability insurance is a way to ensure that you are covered if a customer or employee takes legal action. For instance, if somebody gets injured while working for you or on your business premises.

Dealer Plates

If you need dealer plates in NYC, and have completed a NY Dealer License Application with the DMV, we can help you to get the dealer plates required.

Private Car

We also help people to find private car insurance and virtually any type of auto insurance in New York City.