Taxi, Livery, Black Car, Car Service Insurance

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Transportation insurance is our specialty. We represent major transportation insurance companies as independent authorized broker. We offer a variety of insurance products to our valued insureds. We have been providing affordable & professional transportation insurance services to small and large limo, black car, car service, and livery fleets as well as individuals and owner operators.

We are offering lowest rates for black car and other classes of transportation insurance in the industry.

Next Century Brokerage is providing variety of insurance programs to individual owner operators, named drivers and livery fleets in New York. We can provide for: * Individual Policies, * Corporation Policies, * Livery Fleet Policies, * Two Driver’s Policy. We also provide 100/300/10 200 PIP coverages to all SUV ‘s working with approved TLC bases either as a Car Service, Black car or (Livery with $50,000 PIP). Our limousines insurance Limits of Liability are up to $1,500,000, Up to 14 Seats Capacity, Specialty Vehicles Accepted.

Our Services Include:

  • Dealer Plates

  • Transport Plates

  • Commercial Auto

  • Commercial Non-Owned

  • Business General Liability

  • Workers Compensation

  • Commercial Policies

  • Livery

  • Fleet

  • Private Car