Food Service Insurance in New York

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Whether you run a five-star restaurant, a street food eatery, a catering company, or a 24-hour pizzeria, there will be risks involved. Of course, every business runs the risk of damage, injury, and loss of income.

Still, those offering a food service typically are more prone since they experience a lot more foot traffic, rely on various suppliers, and have to stay on top of their food game.

As a result, we encourage business owners in the food industry to invest in food liability insurance. We are ready to guide you if you have any questions concerning food liability, so don’t hesitate to contact us today.

What Is Food Service Insurance?

Food service insurance protects food-related businesses like restaurants, delis, catering companies, and food trucks against unforeseen events and accidents. So whether you have a customer come in, slip on the floor and break a leg, or experience a fire in the kitchen that damages your cooker and ceiling, liability insurance for food business owners will have you covered.

What Does Food Service Insurance Cover?

Typically, a food business insurance policy covers several aspects of a food-related business, including:

  • Commercial Property Insurance – Covers your business premises and their contents against damage, vandalism, arson, and theft.
  • General Liability Insurance – Protects you and your business in the event a patron or employee becomes injured, unplanned medical expenses, lawsuits, and accidental advertising injury.
  • Food Product Liability Insurance – Covers a business if a patron gets food poisoning from something they ate at your restaurant.
  • Workers Compensation – Protects those under your employ and covers aspects like lost wages, medical bills, and your business.

Who Needs Food Service Insurance?

Whether you sell your goods from a food cart, provide catering services, or own a fine dining restaurant, if your business works with food and beverages, you should consider buying insurance for food business owners.

Some of the industries we recommend looking into food vendors insurance include:

  • Restaurants
  • Delis
  • Cafes
  • Fast food joints
  • Sandwich or bagel shops
  • Bars
  • Inns
  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Motels
  • Dance clubs or nightclubs
  • Food delivery service
  • Food trucks
  • Catering companies
  • Gas stations or convenience stores serving food
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Is Food Liability Insurance Required By Law For NY Businesses?

In New York, business owners with employees are required by law to have Workers’ Compensation Insurance, and if they have company vehicles, Commercial Auto Insurance is also mandatory.

Further, General Liability Insurance is also often recommended by the State. Although Food Vendors Insurance is not compulsory, these policies often encompass those required insurance policies we discuss above, making it a clever choice for food service business owners to take up food insurance for small businesses.

Why Should I Get Food Service Insurance?

Insurance for food business owners protects the business, the owner, employees, and customers against damage and injury. While a customer slipping on a recently mopped restaurant floor may not seem like a pricey ordeal if they end up in the hospital needing to have their arm plated or a CAT scan, which is costly indeed.

Most businesses don’t have money saved to cover costs like these, which is why having food liability insurance is essential. So, if you want to avoid unexpected problems, contact us today to discuss the details of food service insurance.

Do Small Businesses Need Food Service Insurance?

It is always recommended for businesses of all sizes to invest in insurance for food vendors if they offer food and beverages as part of their business operations. However, small businesses are more at risk since their income sits in a different bracket, making them much more vulnerable to financial loss.

In addition, while larger companies can afford to cover hospital bills or loss of revenue, smaller or newly launched businesses often cannot cover these costs out of pocket, making food liability insurance vital to ensure you don’t lose your business or your livelihood. Therefore, if you have a small company that is related to the food business, get in touch with us now.

Why Choose NCI?

NCI is an insurance company that specialises in commercial insurance and understands the needs of food business owners.

Further, NCI has a team of highly-qualified insurers equipped to guide you to find the right policies and coverage for your food service business. NCI serves up the best policies for your business based on your needs and size.

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So, don’t cry over spilled milk. Instead, contact NCI today for a comprehensive Food Liability Insurance quote and make sure your business, clientele, and employees are covered.